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Any regular toothpaste is fine. Picture is for illustration purposes.
  • Polish silverware, silver, or gold. Toothpaste will shine up silver and gold. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Clean piano keys. Squeeze toothpaste on a damp cloth. Rub the keys well, wipe dry, and buff with a soft, dry cloth. After all, ivory is made from an elephant’s tusk.

  • Remove ink spots from cloth. Squeeze toothpaste on spot, scrub, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry up acne pimples. Dab toothpaste on pimples as you would use Clearasil.
  • Remove crayon from walls. Brush the marks with toothpaste on an old toothbrush.
  • Remove scratches on glassware. Polish with a dollop of toothpaste.
  • Deodorize smelly hands. Squeeze an inch of toothpaste into your palm and wash hands under running water.

  • Remove Kool-aid moustaches from kids’ faces. Rub on toothpaste and rinse thoroughly.
  • Remove tar from the bottom of bare feet. Squeeze on toothpaste and rub.
  • Deodorize “sour” baby bottles. Scrub with toothpaste and a bottle brush.
  • Remove scuffs on shoes. Apply toothpaste with a tissue, rub, and wipe off.
  • Fill small holes in walls. Use a small dab of toothpaste as emergency spackling to fill in small holes in plaster walls. Let dry before painting.

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Everyday Uses For Peanut Butter

Note: Use only regular peanut butter.

Pet refusing to swallow pills?
Can’t get your dog or cat to swallow a needed pill? Try this trick: Cover the pill with butter, peanut butter or cream cheese. It will go down fast!

Former senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona once shaved with peanut butter while on a camping trip. (For best results, avoid shaving with Extra Crunchy.)

Remove bubblegum from hair.
Rub a dollop of peanut butter into the bubblegum affected area.

Remove airplane glue or cement glue from furniture.
Simply rub the dried glue with peanut butter.

Grease a car or truck axle.
George Washington Carver developed axle grease from peanuts.

Make peanut soup.
Peanut butter is the main ingredient in any recipe for peanut soup.

Trap mice or rats.
Bait a mouse or rat trap with peanut butter. Mice actually prefer peanut butter over cheese.

Need a good laugh? Get a generous scoop of peanut butter on your finger and feed it to your dog. The facial expressions they make are hilarious. And the oil is good for their skin and hair.

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Repel ants. Sprinkle Baby Powder in cracks, along a window sill, or under doors where ants enter. Ants will not walk through baby powder.

Help rubber gloves slip on easily. Sprinkle Baby Powder inside the gloves.

Give your dog a dry shampoo. Rub Baby Powder into your dog’s fur, wait a few minutes, then brush out.

Cure a squeaky floor board. Sprinkle Baby Powder into the crevices along the edges.

Hide a stain on a white suit. Rub Baby Powder into the stain.

Clean grease from walls. Sprinkle Baby Powder on a soft cloth and rub the spot until the grease disappears.

Keep shoes and sneakers dry and comfortable. Dust the insides with Baby Powder.

Prevent sticky sheets on a hot, summer night. Sprinkle Baby Powder between the sheets to absorb perspiration.

Give your hair a dry shampoo. Work Baby Powder into your hair, then brush out.

Prevent white shirts from absorbing oil and grime. Lightly sprinkle Baby Powder on the shirt before and after ironing.

Clean sand off wet skin. Sprinkle Baby Powder on skin to remove moisture, and the sand virtually falls off by itself.

Untangle a chain necklace. Dusting the chain with Baby Powder will make it easier to untangle.

Soften rough hands. Apply Baby Powder as you would hand lotion.

Prevent friction burns when shaving your legs with an electric razor. Dust legs lightly with Baby Powder before shaving.

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