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Recycled Parts Ideas

Recycling is big business these days, but do you know you can always rely on your creative mind to make them into an artform. Below are some examples to use everyday products to your advantage.
1. Old Wooden Clothespin (Pegs)
Remove the springs from the wooden pegs and insert them in between your pair of chopsticks, you do not have to worry about picking up the fish ball again!
2. Paintbrush
If your family paints your own house, I am sure you will find these lying around in the storeroom. Take one out and try to bend them into a ‘L’ shape. Only works with plastic handles. Glue the plastic handles to your wall right behind your door. Voila … an ingenious way to have a door stopper without the door banging your wall and removing the paint.
3. Beer Cans (Any cans will do but preferably those 500 ml ones)
Take the empty beer can, cut them in half. Cut the edges like what you see in the pic below. Place your creation over a candle and you have yourself a nice lampshade.
4. Used Stamps
Stamp collectors will always have those excess stamps in their collection. Sometimes when you want to exchange them with other collectors, it’s usually a fuss. Why not take a few of them, preferably with nice designs, cut them into smaller pieces and then paste them on your nails. You now have customized nail designs your neighbours will envy.

5. Candle stand (tray)
You usually see these candles in aromatherapy shops. Once the candles have outlived their usefullness, do not throw away those small aluminium stands or trays. Use a knife or a scissors to cut both sides of the stand, do not cut completely. Fold the cut parts together and then insert your photos or postcards on your table.


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