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A couple of months ago, I found myself with a collection of old photographs left in my care by a relative. Among these photos, there are some photos of Batu Pahat taken during the late 50s and 60s. I thought I might as well share it here on my blog. Even though I was given the task to sell this print but I feel that they are too priceless to be sold off. It’s part of our history. 🙂

This is a photo of Ai Chun before the new school blocks and hall were built thus covering this from public view. If anyone has gone into the school before, this original building can still be found somewhere in the middle of the compound.

The fire station when it was taken on 1st January 1959 (hence said the description in the photo).

I have no idea where this is, but according to the description its Bukit Istana. Would this be the building where the royalties stay when they drop by in Batu Pahat, near to Kampung Istana. To me it looks like the old house situated near to Tasik Y, at the small hill where the government quarters used to be situated. Could someone shed a light on where this is located? All comments are welcomed.

Cathay cinema during the 60s before it was refurbished to be a exhibition hall a couple of years back. Does anyone missed the creaky wooden chairs and the sticky floor that greeted them once you stepped into the hall? Or the stalls selling tit bits lining the side of it whenever there is a blockbuster showing.

I guess that’s all for Part 1, will post more soon …. I hope.


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