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Mangoes, everyone here in Batu Pahat seem to have the habit of planting at least one of those trees around their house compound. I used to have 3 such trees, till the bugs and a lost fox came over and started ‘sharing’ with us … and enough was enough, we decided to chop it off. I dont miss the mangoes that my family used to plant, I do miss the shade the tree provide to my room.

These are mangoes found at my girlfriend’s house. It’s still a young tree with its first fruitings for the year. Quite a number of them right, pretty normal dont you think so.

How about these below;

Still looks pretty normal right, now the next one.

Giant Mangoes, not bad for its first fruitings. I know I might not view mangoes the same again, gone are the image of cute small mangoes, now replacing them are this vertically inclined giant mangoes from my girlfriend’s house compound.


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