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This is another temple where tourists comes during the weekends to pray for good fortune and ask for lucky numbers. It’s located at Jalan Shahbandar (the road where Glutton Square is at) and its exactly the junction turning into Taman Pantai. This is the main entrance of the temple.


There are 2 hard-not-to-miss guardian stone lions sitting on each side of the entrance. This is one of the lions.


There are ample of parking space outside the temple, the first thing you are going to see are the lines of tourist buses parked and the numerous outstation cars parked around and inside the temple.

You will notice these lanterns when you enter through the main entrance. Below the lanterns you will see strips of papers, people write out their wishes and attached them to the lantern, hoping that it will come true.


You will notice this well somewhere near the deity praying altars. It is said that the water has been blessed by the dragon king and whoever that washes with it will have good blessings by the god.


Some of the other attractions in this temple include this steel bridge, which says that when you cross it, something good will happen to you daily and yearly. (Mandarin illiterate here, translators needed).


At the end of the bridge you will see this golden statue of ‘Tua Pek Kong’.


There are instructions like where you touch the deity, you will be blessed with certain fortune, I have taken a close up picture of the instructions.


My curiosity nature got to me when I saw this creature.


It’s a “Long Kui” aka Dragon Tortoise. This is the front view of it.


And a side view of the statue.


There is also a white (albino) crocodile beside this dragon tortoise, what it does I do not know.


These round shaped turntables represent the gaming industry in Malaysia and Singapore. You can see they are categorized to Toto, Magnum 4D, 1+3 Damacai and Singapore 4D. You need to make a small donation beneath the white turny thingie and then take a spin at it.


This flotable platform is where the temple people do their rites when the festival day arrives. (Don’t ask me when, I don’t know).


The dragon king deity himself …


and his minions, the Turtle General …


and the Shrimp General.


There is also this bronze made heavy looking nicely crafted plaque near the altar.


There is a small hill within the temple grounds, when you climb up it, you will see this nice tibetan looking bell.


This is a general overview of the temple with all the attractions I have just stated.


There is a souvenir stand in the temple for people to buy some trinkets back home to their loved ones.


Author’s Note: I did not go into detail about the lucky numbers part. You have to buy a pineapple there, put your lucky numbers to it, then walk to the Tua Pek Kong deity within the temple and then chant with the medium, bring the pineapple home and pray your number comes out.


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