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Sorry for the not updating my blog. Can’t really find the time nor the topic to blog about. Moreover I am contemplating moving my blog from blogspot to wordpress simply because the latter offers much flexibility to blogging than blogspot.

 So, till then and watch this blog for some updates sooner or later.


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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Our mind is active even in sleep and our dreams are said to be a reflection of our innermost fears, hopes and desires. Some other people also believe in the power of dreams to predict the future.

Find out the significance of your dreams. What are ordinary symbols by day, whether they are animals, people or things, take on a significance in our dreams at night. By recognising the symbols and understanding your emotions surrounding them, you can unlock the secrets of your most obscure dreams.

Here is a guide to some common dream subjects and their possible meanings:

Such figures strolling into your life mean some form of new authority has entered your schedule – whether it’s a new teacher or your college examinations result.

Haunted House
Being trapped in a place where you feel fear, perhaps overrun with creepy-crawlies, means you have a problem which you don’t want to face. If you walk downstairs you’re looking through your past to find a solution to a problem you may be currently facing.

If you dream about falling off a cliff or experience a sudden falling sensation, it could be a warning that a critical stage has been reached in your life, which requires a conscious course of action to deal with something that’s bothering you. Falling into a hole in a forest or juncle means you are trying to find an answer to a problem in your dreams.

This is one of the commonest fantasy features and illustrates emotion. Deep water in which you are struggling means you are feeling overwhelmed by current events in your life and cannot cope with them. Rough water suggests that you think life is giving you a tough time. Smooth water indicates confidence and contentment.

Feeling your muscles tense up and being unable to breathe as if there was a heavy load crushing your chest is one of the most terrifying dreams or nightmares. People who’ve had this experience say they thought they were dead. The way to end this nightmare is to consciously relax.

Although nasty at the time, they are often simply an indication that a problem needs solving. Being chased through the dark by an unseen terror is among the commonest nightmares. You keep running and never see your pursuer (the problem) because you never find the courage to turn around. The fear could be caused by fear of terrible illness or bad results, the end of a special relationship or loss of any kind.

General scenes of collapse and disruption are a warning that you have not adapted to some upheaval in your life.

For teenage girls there’s a sexual connotation about them. For businessmen, however, a nest of snakes implies threats from rivals.

Violent Attack
Dreaming that someone stabbed you in the back indicates being in the grip of a problem that you can’t handle.

Planes represent ambition. The position of the plane, in the sky or grounded, implies an individual’s level of achievement. If the plane crashes, better, more down-to-earth planning is required.

Normally a good sign as they are the dream-image for friends. A dog snarling or barking, however could be a warning that someone close is feeling jealous or threatened by you.

A baby is a symbol for an idea or scheme. Welcome the baby and you are confident of your idea’s success; reject it and you may be fearing failure.

Getting Lost
Being left alone in a strange town with no familiar faces means you are unsure of your real life position. The future is full of uncertainty.

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